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here’s a lot of cheat’s I know January 16, 2007

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how to nub             To ”nub” go to your web broswer like internet explorer or mozila firefox and type clubpenguin load when your loged in press f11 on your keyboard to make the screen bigger. then, click the bottem of the screen and no one can se you (only a bit of your head) home page tricks To see what a ninja penguin looks like go to clubpenguin.com on your web broswer and when you see the penguin pop up on top of the screen click the N on the nightclub and you will find out what a ninja looks like To see the blue and green penguin come out use your mouse and click on the coffe chop door, a blue penguin will come out and walk to the gift shop, to see the green penguin click on the gift shop door and he will walk to the coffe shop, if you click on both doors they wil walk to each other and say hello How to be a ninja_READ THIS First, go to the dogo and wait there for 30 mins and dont talk or move, the maximan time is 10 so when its been 9 or ten mins just click on the map or the moderator sign to extend time, its better if you use a timer and set it to ten mins, then you will know when to click on the moderator sign or the map. when its been 30 mins there wil be a ninja mask will be visable under a hatch, you have to be 310 days old before you do this so intell then waddle on How to dance with the newspaper First go on to your web broswer and type clubpenguin load and login when your on click on a penguin and move there player card to the left so that the mail button is on the side, click on the newspaper and click on the mail icon on the penguins player card, send that person a mail and cross out of the mail thing. now press d on your keyboard and you will be dancing with the newspaper Astro barrier on loading screen, press: 1 to go to levle 10, 2 to go to levle 20 and 3 to go to levle 30 On each screen (besides levle 1) if there’s a object on the screen shoot it to get more points NOTE: some objects can be trickie to do, its like a real levle but shorter. The secret dojo The secret dojo, located on the far upper right of the mountains. How to move furniture in other people’s igloo’s First go to your igloo and click on the tape measure thing and click on your penguin and go to your spy phone, click on the HQ button and when your there go to a member’s igloo and click on there furniture. you will be able to move other people’s igloo’s



1. jordandash - January 16, 2007

hmmm…..I can tell this website is gonna be big

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