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dream igloos you can get one January 17, 2007

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So about igloos, you know you can make your own dream igloo? Let me explain, every time you buy an item on Club Penguin, they give you a code that is stored in your account memory, we see the ‘code’ as an image. For example, you buy a stool; the stool’s code is 0110101. Win packet, lets you see these codes, it also lets you change the codes, (if I was a member) if I went to my house and had a stool in it, when I open up win packet, it would say: www.play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf .cde: 0110101 psiton(stands for position) 7×8 (where the stool is on the screen, in this case, the 7 row on the 8 column). If I kept typing in the code for the stool over and over on win packet, I would get stools over and over on Club Penguin. Every item has a code, and if you know it, You can use win packet to duplicate all the items you want. You can change your puffles name with this too. Your puffle’s code is : img/border2.(insert puffle color here, blue pink, etc).(insert puffle name here)/016426 you can change its name by erasing the puffles name, and writing one in , then saving it!     this was posted and made by Mr Donnelly



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